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If your group has 100 members and each member sells 4 Tickets @ $15.00 per Ticket

the price of the ticket includes 3 Hours of Bowling shoes included and fun for all.

$7.50/Maple City Bowl  $7.50/Your Organization

(400 @ $7.50 = $3000.00)

All you have to do is show up and let the staff 

at Maple City Bowl  make your fundraising event a pleasure and a success.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone that participates

in your fundraiser enjoys their experience and has a fun time.

That’s Just one option, we also have packages which include food, soda, beer and

we can always can modify any package to fit your FUNDRAISING NEEDS.

Give us a call and lets get the ball rolling !





Maple City Bowl is pleased to partner with dozens of fundraising groups annually to raise money for local families, churches, schools and non-profit organizations. We can put together an event from a small church dinner … to nearly a thousand people at Rock and Roar! Big or small, we want to partner with groups and help you raise money for your organization

There are a number of opportunities available to local groups, so please contact us at (607) 324-1011 if you would like to discuss your ideas for an upcoming event.